Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Counting Recipe Creations in Your Daily Food Intake (Phase 1)

Some people have been asking on my Instagram Account about how I count my recipe creation toward my daily protein/food intake. Let me make this point clear first, however...

While I would love to be one in the future, I am currently not an Ideal Protein coach. The suggestions I make below are solely what I have done and how it has worked for me. Please consult your coach if you have any questions throughout the diet!

Counting Protein Additions 

Some of my recipes have an egg or egg whites in them. An 8 ounce serving of eggs according to the diet is 4 whole eggs and 2 egg whites.

When I make the Crispy Cereal Pancakes I add in 2 eggs whites.

2 egg whites is equivalent to 1.333333333333 (infinity) ounces. 

Not that much. In this case I honestly don't count it toward my daily protein intake or I have 7 ounces at dinner instead of 8.

When I make the Pudding Waffles I include 1 whole egg.

1 whole egg is equivalent to 1 ounce of protein. 

Same goes for this one. I either don't count it or I have 7 ounces of protein at dinner.


Okay, so we are allowed to have 1 ounce of skim milk per day in our coffee. That isn't a lot.

1 ounce of milk is 2 Tablespoons. 

In my Chocolate Cake recipe, I use 4 Tablespoons of skim milk. That recipe is divided by 3, so you have about 1.333 Tablespoons of milk in that recipe. When I make the chocolate cake, I just don't have my milk in the morning with my coffee!

Planning ahead is everything in this diet, especially when you want to make something out of the packets.

6 Free "Carbs"

These past two months, I have moved home before I go to Law School in August and I had to switch coaches. My new coach told me about this thing called 6 free carbs. I had never heard of it or used it until this new coach, but basically what it means is that 1 serving of stevia, Walden Farms products, gum, or other things that might have carbs...like my reduced sugar ketchup favorite... counts as one free "carb." You are allotted 6 of these items a day.

I also try to limit myself to one protein transformation/ recipe creation to once a day!

I hope this break down helps, let me know if I need to explain myself further. Please remember, this is just what I do and it has worked for me. I am not giving advice to be taken without the consultation from your coach!

Happy Dieting!


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