Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fish in Parchment

I am obsessed with fish in parchment. I have never made it on my own, however, I have always ordered it in restaurants and enjoyed it thoroughly!  I also love truffles. Anything truffle--truffle mac and cheese, truffle risotto, truffle fish in get the idea. I know some people don't like truffles and that is totally fine, substituting it for regular olive oil will work just the same.

Well tonight I decided to step out on a limb, treat myself and make some truffle oil fish in parchment. I bought cod fish and parchment paper for tonight's dish and I was so excited! I could hardly wait for it to come out of the oven...seriously, I was counting down the minutes. Once this baby came out of the oven, I heard angels sing. Not really, but this was so dang, stinking good!

8 oz of fish fillet 
2 cups of asparagus 
pearl onions (not phase 1 friendly if you eat. I used for flavor.)
1 tsp of truffle infused olive oil 
lemon juice 
Ideal salt 
Cracked pepper 

What to do: 
  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. 
  2. In a medium bowl cut asparagus into small pieces. Mine were about an inch. 
  3. Peel the pearl onions and garlic. 
  4. Mix the onions and garlic in with the asparagus. 
  5. Pour 1/2 tsp of truffle oil on the vegetables. 
  6. Add salt, pepper and some lemon juice to the vegetables
  7. Stir. 
  8. Place veggies in the parchment bag. 
  9. Sprinkle the fish filet with salt and pepper. 
  10. Pour 1/2 tsp of truffle oil on top of the fish filet and brush it evenly on top. 
  11. Place the fish on top of the veggies. 
  12. Roll up the parchment bag. 
  13. Bake for 17 minutes. 
  14. Remove from heat. 
  15. Enjoy! 
Happy dieting! 


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