Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weight Loss is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

I have been on the Ideal Protein protocol for about 7 weeks now and I have lost almost 20 pounds. That is amazing! I can't remember the last time I weighed what I weigh right now and it feels great!

I find that weekends are my hardest part of the protocol. All of my friends want to go to bars or out to dinner, and my boyfriend eats like a 6 year old boy at an elementary class party. I have to plan really well or I will fall victim to the cheats and fail.

I can also honestly say that during this diet, I have not cheated once. I have made a conscious effort to really give all of myself into this diet and it is slowly paying off. Thats a key word, slowly. The first week I lost a whopping 6 pounds, and am now averaging 2-3 pounds a week. That's great though! I haven't gained and I am slowly approaching my goal with every ounce lost.

Last night, my sorority had a black tie charity event. I always dread this event every year because my dresses don't look right and I look like a fat lard next to all of my skinny bitch friends. I felt amazing putting on my red dress for the first time since the Fall and it being almost too big to pull off! I have not had this problem in a very long time. This dress used to be tight on me, but I liked it because it hid my belly and fat rolls. Last night though, I felt like I was starting to look like my old self, and I finally am starting to feel beautiful again. That feeling is more than enough to keep me inspired to keep going with Ideal Protein.

Here is a little picture of my progress

I guess what my main point is for this post is don't get discouraged, diets are hard and take a while, but the results are well worth the wait! You can do it, don't give up!


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